"How much does Israel care about what the world thinks? They just killed 4 kids on a beach in front of a hotel filled with journalists."

Yousef Munayver.

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Thank you Chile!! Hopefully others follow in your footsteps, in sha Allah.


In other news, while the Pakistani Army shells and carries out airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan and while foreign militants intensify their bombardment of Afghan civilians in crowded places, Afghanistan pledged $500,000 in aid to Gaza residents. Hopefully it will benefit the people of Gaza during these difficult times. 

People who go “both countries are at fault”


What they think they sound like:

“I’m so rational. The truth is somewhere in the middle, they’re both wrong. I’m so nuanced and enlightened with my views.”

What they actually sound like:

“History and context are things that do not exist to me. In whatever dimension I exist in, I believe that there is an equivalence between an advanced occupying army that is notorious for war crimes, and an occupied brutalized population.”


Dear friend who had to Google “map of Gaza” before being able to put up a cover photo saying “pray for Palestine” with a lot of red in the design. Or alternatively, dear friend who knows only that people are dying in Gaza and that this seems to happen every other year.

First of all, thank you for making it feel like the world actually gives a shit about Palestine. It’s a nice change for once, however transient.

Secondly, and this part is important the important bit, you must understand that this does not begin or end with Israel’s current assault on Gaza. As long as the occupation of Palestine continues this will happen again and again (as we have already seen) because the maintainence of the state of Israel depends on the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people. There has emerged a pattern of widespread protests and five seconds of indignant support every time Gaza is bombed, but it seems everyone’s righteous rage turns into amnesia as soon as a “ceasefire” is negotiated. I put ceasefire in quotes because there is never a ceasefire in Gaza, only the pace at which Israel continues to kill Palestinians is slowed down to a level that is more acceptable to the world. So your posts on Facebook and Twitter right now don’t mean shit, your prayers don’t mean shit, your anger at Arab leaders doesn’t mean shit because what the fuck have YOU done.

And there is so much you can do. If you truly care about those in Gaza then invest some time and energy into making sure this never happens again. 

First of all there is the ever growing Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. Based on the campaign that helped end apartheid in South Africa, BDS aims to apply substantive economic pressure on Israel to end the occupation. On an individual level you can boycott Israeli companies and those international companies that profit from or are directly participating in the oppression of the Palestinian people (a well researched list of companies can be found here: http://www.inminds.com/boycott-israel.php#companies). Secondly you can pressure organizations and institutions you are part of to refrain from investing in companies complicit in the occupation. You can also pressure these institutions (and individuals) to participate in a cultural and academic boycott of Israeli cultural and academic organizations. This includes, for example, putting pressure on musicians to not perform in the state of Israel.

Depending on where you live and your current government’s relations with Israel, you can also write to your representatives making it clear that they will not get your vote if they support Israel, financially or politically, due to its numerous and widespread crimes against humanity. You can also attend protests—raising awareness on social media is a start but it doesn’t do much in of itself, physical presence on the streets demands to be heard and puts much more pressure on your respective governments.

Being informed, at least on some level, about the history and context of the occupation is essential to make sure your efforts to “help” aren’t actually doing the opposite. Take an hour out of your time and please watch Occupation 101 for starters. You don’t have to read anything and the entire thing is availible on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wms0b4zwvuQ). If you want to pursue a better and more thorough understanding of the situation, feel free to message me and I can recommend more resources/answer any questions.

Finally, if you don’t know anything about the situation and only started caring about Gaza this past week please shut up about what you think the Palestinians should or shouldn’t do. Your opinion on violent resistance is literally the most irrelevant thing and nobody cares.


—Your friend who would like you to know that this has been going on for over half a century and it’s gonna take more than a week of “omg this is so horrible” to help. (via stay-human)

Anonymous asked: you say that a jewish state with a jewish majority is an example of ethnic cleansing? there are twenty two muslim nations, jews were kicked out of a ton of them and we want one peanut sized piece of earth to call our own where we can live autonomously. and let's be realistic, how many palestinians are for a binational state in which theyd live side by side with jews/israelis? because ive only ever heard "From the river to the sea palestine will be free" ...


and can you honestly say that Hamas isnt a problem at all? can you even pretend like they care about palestinians?

You’ve memorized your common Zionist “arguments”, but your choice of words/wording betrays how little you know what you’re talking about.

First of all, is Israel an example of ethnic cleansing? I don’t know, check this map out:

Despite all the Jewish immigrants from Europe fresh off the boat, not a single area in mandatory Palestine had a Jewish majority. How do you think Israel suddenly has a Jewish majority? Have you ever heard of the Nakba of 1948? Or the Naksa? Plan Dalet? Are you not aware that the Palestinians are the largest refugee population on the planet?

Second of all: “There are 22 Muslim nations”. You’re conflating Arab with Muslim. Not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslim. Even if there were 500 Arab countries, that wouldn’t matter. Arabs aren’t interchangeable. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of people spreading from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf. Palestinians have their own culture, traditions and history. Just like the Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis..etc. Lumping up all Arabs as interchangeable is typical erasure, and is pretty racist.

I won’t defend the expulsion of the Jewish populations from some Arab countries, but you have to understand that it was a reaction to the expulsion of the Palestinians, not the other way around. In a perfect world, after Palestinian refugees return home to full compensation, the same should happen with the Jewish population as well.

You want to live autonomously? That’s your right. But not at my expense. Your rights end where my rights begin. Who do you think you are that your own self determination and autonomy is more important than mine? How can you reconcile solving your problem at my expense?

How can you sleep at night, knowing that to end your diaspora, you started another peoples diaspora?

How can you justify robbing a people of a state so you can have your own? Unless on a certain level, you believe you are more deserving. Unless you believe that you are better. And that’s the logic of Zionism. A racist colonial ideology.

Like I said in previous asks, about a third of Israelis and Palestinians now support a one state scenario, and it’s rising. Especially as the discourse becomes more mainstream, and the settlements spell the doom of any two state resolution. Want to be realistic? Can’t get more real than that. That’s where we’re headed, like it or hate it.

As for the Hamas bit. This is so transparent, you literally just called us interchangeable with all other Arabs, and the subtext of your ask basically told us to just “suck it up”. But now, you suddenly care about the Palestinian population when it comes to roasting Hamas. We’re not a prop for you to use in your arguments.

Second of all, Israelis and pro-Israelis love to talk about Hamas as if it’s the devil, and the true problem messing everything up. This is not true at all, but for arguments sake, let’s say that Hamas is indeed the source of all evil right now..

Hamas was founded in 1987.

So..why was there no peace before then? You love to blame the rockets. The rockets are not even 12 years old. How about before that?

You never once ask yourself, why some Palestinians feel that Hamas is needed. Do you know what the acronym Hamas stands for? It’s the Islamic Resistance Movement. That means that they are a symptom of something, they were created in response to something. That something is Israeli expansionism, settler colonialism and a brutal long running occupation.

I could seriously write entire posts about just one of these myths Zionists love to spread. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the situation can see right through them. Useless appeals to emotion and manipulation. But..I’ve already clogged up everyone’s dashes so I’ll stop.

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